No idea what these are or who started them, but I love them.

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Dalícious - by Paolo Rivera

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The four crime fighting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are on the loose in Dave Rapoza’s complete Turtles illustration set. 18” x 24” Limited edition print (40 sets of 4) pre-order information is available on his art blog.

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TMNTs Print Pre-orders by Dave Rapoza (CGHUB) (deviantART) (Twitter)

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9/6/2011 (1:35pm)

MechaCon VII - Scott McNeil & Steve Blum Panel - Part 1 − 8

Barely edited and nearly uncensored :) The panel called “The Best There is at What We Do” with Scott McNeil and Steve Blum. This is the first of 8 parts…

I apologize for the horrible camera quality. I had 2 cameras and switched to the better one for the final 2 videos. It didn’t help that I was seated pretty far back. I advise you to watch this in a small format :3


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